God speaks again and again, though people don't recognize it. Job 33:13

Dreams are not only real and practical from a Biblical perspective, but can be a necessary part of a supernatural walk with God. I want to help believers to see how dreams are often prayer strategies to intercede on behalf of people and situations. You can learn how God uses dreams by visiting this site. Dreams are like a movie trailer - key features of things to come. 

God speaks through beautiful dreams in the night and we don't have to guess what our God-dreams mean. Every time God speaks, we can know His voice with certainty. God is speaking to people through dreams.


"He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds". Job 33:15

It was over a decade ago I made my first request to God to speak to me in the night. Immediately upon waking up I had no doubt I had my first God-dream. I remember it like it was yesterday. It wasn’t for several years the full meaning of the dream was revealed, which I later named Moving Borders. I’ve learned to name my dreams because it helps me remember them.

It was after this beautiful dream I began a new routine at night by asking God to fill my spirit and speak to me while my body rest. It’s the time of day God has my full attention and I can’t interrupt. It wasn’t long before I saw how God used dreams to enhance my ability to pray for direction, not only for myself, but also to interceded for others more specifically. I was in awe that God would choose to speak to me through dreams, but I didn’t know the meaning of my dreams.

"Does God use dreams today, and if so, how?" "How do I know what they mean and what do I do with them?" "How do I know they are from God?" All these questions, and more, plagued me. What I did understand was that my dream wasn’t indigestion from the night before. 

My first God-dream opened my heart, mind, and soul to want more of God His way, not mine. A decade ago I found few resources on a subject that God used so often in the Bible. There are more resources today, however, what I discovered on my search to understand dreams from a Biblical perspective, I made a startling discovery – it seems non-believers focus more on their dreams than Christians do.

People are in search for meaning in life. The search for answers to an unfulfilling life leads many to seek psychics, mediums, astrologers, or horoscopes for purpose and guidance. Christians are becoming less interested in the supernatural and the world we live in is becoming more attracted toward the supernatural things, including dreams and visions.

Christians must take back what the devil has taken and that includes ways in which God operates supernaturally in the natural realm. God is the “same yesterday, today, and forever,” and that includes the methods by which He communicates. Hebrews 13:8

God desires to reveal the hidden secrets of His heart for our well-being. If there is meaning to a dream, God will always give insight and revelation. Why would we expect anything less from an all-knowing, all-present God? Think, just think how often God is trying to get our attention and we dismiss Him because He is communicating in ways outside the norm and frankly, in ways we are uncomfortable.

Over the years, I’ve learned the value of pursuing God through prayer, reading His Word, and desiring God’s presence more than anything or anyone. I want my eyes awakened to the things of God and this was the beginning of an unexpected journey – a journey that has led me to start this blog that you are reading.

All dreams aren’t from God, nor do all dreams need interpreting. Nevertheless, the more time I spend in prayer asking God about my dreams, He always provides insight and revelation. To keep things simple, I will offer basic Biblical understanding how God uses dreams in my life and the value of paying attention to dreams and visions.

Take time to browse some of my dreams and the hidden messages God revealed. I will continue to update the site with dreams and interpretations and the process God takes me through to understanding them. I want to learn from you and I hope you will contact me to share your God-dreams on this blog. Our testimonies encourage others and how God desires to be intimately involved in our lives. 

We can stand on God’s Word that He will lead us into all truth, and that includes God working supernaturally, in the natural, through the interpretation of dreams in the night.

Enjoy the journey to believe in the beauty of your God-dreams.


Thank you for stopping by. God's creativity is endless and I hope you'll join me on my journey to seek God and see Him with fresh eyes.