GPS Dream

GPS Dream

God deposits a dream of what we can be for Him, A dream that acts as our own internal honing device.
— Wayne Cordeiro

My GPS Dream was given to me at a time my husband and I were praying about moving from Michigan to Germany. This was a major decision and we were seeking God for total clarity. I needed God to make it very clear what direction we were to take. The night I had this dream I prayed, “God, I need something…”  I woke up the following morning with a dream in answer to my prayer. I call this my GPS Dream. 


I was on a treasure hunt with no map. It was dark outside, and I couldn’t see in front of me or where I was going. It was as though my eyes were a GPS. When I took a step, the path lit up on both sides of the trail. When I stopped, the light stopped, and the path disappeared. I was unable to see anything beyond my footsteps -no bend in the road, no curves, or whether I should go left or right. My eyes only showed the step I was to taking at that precise moment. The lights were lined up similar to the emergency floor lighting strip you would see along the aisle of an airplane. 

I took another step, and the road lit up as it did before. It was dark outside, and I sensed there was someone behind me. I turned to look back, and it was a black silhouette of a man. I prayed and wondered if I should keep going. I was not fearful. I stopped and heard God say, “Follow me, one step at a time.” I turned around, facing forward and took another step left, slowly and deliberately. The light lit up again where I took a step. 

I quickened my pace recognizing I was going uphill. The terrain was getting steeper.  Even though I could not see in front of me, I realized I had entered a forest. I continued to keep my eyes on the gleam of the lights. 

I hiked and climbed and felt I was getting nowhere. I was becoming somewhat out of breath, and again the Lord said, “Keep going; it’s worth it. You have no idea what is waiting for you.” I continued up the hill and made it to the top of the mountain. Before I looked up, I stopped to catch my breath. When I turned my gaze toward the mountain peak it was no longer dark. I looked over the beautiful valley, and I could see everything around me. The view was magnificent. 

On my left was a cabin or a cave, and I walked into the doorway. As I looked in, I was amazed by what I was seeing. The room was filled with priceless artifacts and treasures. “Nobody knows this is up here, priceless treasures,” I said, and then I asked, “God?”  

God spoke and said, “If you would have stopped, you would never have seen what few have seen.” I was in awe at the beauty and the recognition that had I turned back, not continued on, I would have missed the greatest joy ever. 

End of dream - October 1, 2011

When I woke up, I knew this was no “run-of-the-mill” dream. Immediately I felt the dream was straightforward and that it was personal for my life. There was no doubt God was telling me to follow Him step-by-step and to not get ahead of myself.  

The Significance of GPS Dream

I recognized that the GPS in my dream was different from the one I own. The GPS I am accustomed to allows me to change the view to see what is ahead and which direction I need to go. It even provides how far I have to go to reach the next point as well as the overall destination. 

My dream GPS did not provide a street view, an overall planned route, or points of interest. When I took the first step, I felt there was someone behind me. I looked back, and the silhouette of a man represented a shadow of what was behind me, representing the past. 

I prayed for what to do (to not forget the importance of praying to know where God wants to lead). I had no fear of the darkness or the man behind me, yet my eyes focused on what was behind. God encouraged me to look ahead, not back, and to stay focused on trusting Him. With each footstep, the journey and location were uncertain. Going forward represented my future. 

Quickening my pace meant confidence in God. As I climbed, I was getting out of breath, and God continued to encourage me to keep going and trust Him. Entering the forest represented that my path was changing; things were not the way it was when I started. The terrain was beginning to go higher, which was a bit more difficult, but not impossible.   

I reached the top of the mountain and conquered my obstacle. The treasures inside were more precious than gold. I was astonished at what I was seeing, and it was like nothing I could have guessed. I had no idea the treasures that would await me by trusting God if we were to move to Germany. Had I turned back when the road became more difficult, I would have missed out on what God wanted me to see and where He wanted me to go. If I focused on what was behind me, I never would have reached the top.  Had I turned back when the road became more difficult, I would have missed out on what God wanted me to do and where He wanted me to go. 

Upon waking up, I knew immediately that I wasn’t supposed to look at my past (what was beautiful, secure, and of the world’s view of security). My GPS Dream confirmed aspects from my *Resort Dream. I had to go through obstacles to reach God’s destination. It would not be easy, but it was doable. 

Lesson for all of us: God always leads the way and sometimes He knows we can only go one step at a time. We can become overwhelmed when we go ahead of God, therefore, we must learn to rely on Him and walk with Him. His path is always THE path and there are never detours when we follow God! 

*My Resort Dream was one of my God-dreams where He began instilling a time of change. A new course was laid out for me, which started with this dream and was confirmed from the GPS Dream. You can find the Resort Dream in Beautiful Dreamer: Dreams – God’s Personal Navigation System.  

Check back for the prophetic words we received while living in Germany that aligned beautifully with this dream. God spoke to us through people we never met and they were unaware of our spiritual journey. It was another chapter along the path God was leading. A beautiful God-story confirmed through the supernatural power of God. 

How to begin understanding your God-dreams

How to begin understanding your God-dreams