About Angel

I grew up in Bangalore, India. I am the daughter of a minister. My parents have exhibited what it means to surrender all to Jesus and serve him with their whole heart. I've been blessed to have grown up under the influence of godly parents who taught me to live for Jesus; to live in the presence of God and have a personal relationship with him. Not everyone can say the same and it is for this one reason I have thanked God my whole life for this blessing. I am continually overwhelmed with God's grace when I think of my family and how they have taught me to depend on God for everything. I currently live in Germany with my husband, Jordan. I'm grateful to God for his support of my ministry and the love he has for the Lord and for me.

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A note from Teresa Odden: I met Angel three months before Rick and I were scheduled to leave Germany. The first night I met Angel, the Lord pierced my heart to ask her to tell me about her dreams. I hesitated. "I just met her," "that's weird," I thought. 

With my heart pounding, sensing God wanted me to do this, I approached her and said, "tell me about your dreams." Immediately, tears welled up in her eyes and Angel said she had been having dreams since she was five years old, but lacked the understanding if and how God spoke through dreams. She stated that she never had a mentor to provide insight from a Biblical perspective of how to discern and interpret dreams from the Lord. We've been kindred spirits ever since. 

God arranged a divine appointment when he connected two strangers from different countries, to teach and equip the other on how God uses dreams and visions in one's life. God is using her God-dreams to guide her ministry and to provide ways to intercede specifically on behalf of others. Angel has prayerfully shared several of her dreams on the blog. God continues to speak to Angel as she seeks to know him more. She has much to teach us. You will begin to see regular posts from her.  Please welcome her as a new author on the blog.