Caribbean Dream Part One

Caribbean Dream Part One

Caribbean Dream (April 14, 2014):

Scene one: Rick and I were on a vacation in the Caribbean. We left our resort for a daily excursion with a group of vacationers. Our first stop were shops. Afterward, we went looking for a specific location. We were told it was a newly hidden sight. The directions were to go south, and the hidden location would be on the west side. I kept telling Rick we’d been there before, and I wanted to do something different. “I want to go east,” I told him. The directions we had didn’t make sense, and we had never been given a map. The group never made it to the hidden destination.  

Scene two: I was remembering a previous dream (which was only in the dream) where I was jumping into the Caribbean ocean. I was snorkeling, and the crystal clear water was breathtaking. I swam upward between the coral reefs toward the coastline where the vacationers were sprawled across the rocks. As I recalled the dream, I envisioned a more beautiful location. I told those on the rock about it, but they weren’t interested. 

 Word of Caution/Advice about Scene three: We are physical beings, and this scene may appear a bit too personal to share, but it not only has a powerful message, it shows how some dreams ay appear alarming and God uses to convey a message of hope and encouragement. 

 Scene three: I was bleeding and needed to rush to the bathroom. “I should not be bleeding. I’ve had a hysterectomy (true in real life). Something must be wrong,” I thought. When I went to the bathroom, three small masses came out, and I was convinced I had miscarried. I didn’t know how this could be. It was impossible, and others were telling me the same. One of the three masses was red, one was white, and one was clear. Each floated in the water and had strings hanging from them. I knew something else was going on. There was an urgency to leave and get to the other side of the island. When I came out of the bathroom, I told an older couple what was happening. 

End of dream


Scene One:

  • Vacation and sightseeing: This is representative of a new adventure, possibly a new ministry and, a journey of discovery. When it’s time to start a new adventure for the Lord, don’t look at it as work. 

  • Shopping: Serving the Lord comes at a cost. I feel like the Lord is asking me to reflect on what I am willing to sacrifice for him. It’s easy to bypass what it means to fully surrender to the Lord. “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21 Do you believe this?

  • West and East: The directions reinforce this has a spiritual message. West is the end of something (the sun sets in the west). I knew we were heading in the wrong direction (nudging of the Holy Spirit). The sun rises in the east. A new day, a new ministry. “God’s mercies are new every morning.” (God’s glory). Ezekiel 43:1-2 

    • God is also saying to us in this dream that we won’t be going back where we’ve already been (west). What resonates with my spirit is that our ministry won’t look the way it has in times past. It will be different. Because I dreamt of a previous dream (only in the dream), we may go to a place of similar origin, we may not. Whatever our future holds, I believe Rick and I “will know it when we need to know it.” This has been God’s promise to us, which he revealed in a dream two years after this dream. See Recurring Dreams, August 2016 

  • No map, no directions, no destination: We were told to go with the crowd. It’s easy to listen to the voices around us. God’s map (Bible) may not include the destination at the time of instructions, but it will include the “arrow” to follow, one step at a time. See GPS Dream

  • The unknown/hidden details: Have a heart that is willing to stay the course when there is no clear path.  

Scene Two:

  • Dreaming within a dream: This rarely happens when I dream. God had my attention and this scene reinforces what God was telling me in Scene One - don’t go back where you’ve already been (west).  

  • Swimming: Sea/water, “sea of humanity.” Possibly a ministry to reach a greater number of people (fishers of men). There will be obstacles (coral reefs), but worth the effort (the beauty around me, primarily the people.)

  • The outlook (around the bend) is more beautiful than what I’m currently looking at. I share what I believe, but all those I come in contact with won’t agree. Many will choose Christ, many will not. I also understood in the dream that some of those sprawled on the rocks are Christians. Many will choose how they serve Christ in the church opposed to following Christ to spread the gospel. It may be in your own community, but there still needs to be a surrender for it to be God’s way, not your way.

Scene three:

  • Pregnancy/miscarriage: The three colors represent what Christ did for me: his blood sets me free (red); he has made me “white as snow;” he gave me a fresh start. The Holy Spirit is my teacher and my guide (clear). This scene appears to be a miscarriage, but because I had a hysterectomy it would not make sense in the natural. Spiritually, the old has been completely taken away. This represents it is the beginning of something new. God will birth something entirely new in me.

All three scenes reinforce one key message: It is a new day and what God has prepared for Rick’s and my future will look different. We look forward to new journeys of discovery with Christ. 

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

In 2017 I dreamt a second dream where I was in the Caribbean and it included the “previous dream,” that was in this dream. It wasn’t until 2019 that I began to see how some of this dream had been fulfilled. Check back for the Caribbean Dream in the Caribbean Dream Part Two to see what God has unfolded from these two dreams and what has yet to be fulfilled. Galatians 1:11-12

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