Bridge Dream

Bridge Dream

It appeared to be morning and I was standing on the edge of an invisible canyon. I was encircled by brilliant hues of orange and yellow, like amber, stretching horizontally as though I was inside a circular canvas. The colors that surrounded me were strung across the horizon like a swirled lollipop.

As I stood atop the canyon enjoying all the pleasures around me, including an atmosphere of peace and contentment, it was time for me to step off. I had this calming, readiness to do so. In my spirit I sensed, “it’s time.”

Before I prepared to take my first step into the open air, there was a quietness in my spirit and an assurance a path would be laid out before me. I took a step and just like I had sensed, an invisible square appeared in the air for my feet to land on. I knew if I took a second step, another sheet of glass would appear and one-by-one, a bridge would form to cross to the other side.  

Before my foot landed on the clear glass, a gigantic eagle swooped under my feet and carried me away. He was swift and flew up as fast as he came. End of dream

Exodus 19:4 beautifully sums up what the overall picture represents. “You know how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.”

What could be a more splendid picture than God swooping in and bringing me to himself?

The atmosphere was filled with the glorious presence of God and I was encapsulated in a brilliant display of colors that soothed my soul. In the Bible, amber represents the likeness of God. “This is what the Lord looked like.” Ezekiel 1:4, 27-28

In my dream, my mind was isolated to one thought - basking in the beauty around me. It was as though I was suspended in time - resting in God. I took time to let God invade all of my senses.

It is hard to explain because in the natural it seems an impossibility to keep my mind from wandering. God was around, above, and below me and it was because of this I had the utmost peace.

I had no fear or thought in the dream of “what if” I were to fall. I was fearless.

Where God is, fear and doubt are absent, and they were. The confidence I had in this dream doesn’t have to be but an image.

“God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, But of love, peace, and a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Sadly, there are times I let fear and timidness form my reasoning, which can form my decision making. If I am standing on the edge of a “canyon,” focusing on my fears and what is before me, I concern myself with the “what if’s” of life. Not on the who (Christ) of life.

A life free of fear and anxiety is a life fixated on the Person, not the problem. Like the dream represents, I can step into the “open air” with courage and without hesitation. When my sights are focused on God, I’ll know when “it’s time.”

When my confidence is in God, I don’t have to dread and feel as though I’m falling into a dark, endless chasm. I can rest, take steps, and expect a glorious journey with Christ.

There is an extraordinary peace and confidence in God when I look to see the beauty of his character in a new light each day. It’s where I discover and believe the light of God’s love will take me to the safest place. “To himself.”

We don’t have to fear people, circumstances, or the future. When our steps are God-led, he will swoop us to himself.

How does resting with God look on a daily basis?

  • Stop. You need to detach yourself for a certain period of time each day to connect with God. It’s simple, but it takes self-control. A lot of it.

    • Listen. In the silence, expect to hear The Voice that guides. (Read related posts below how to hear God’s voice.)

    • Wait for a supernatural habitation from the Lord. When the presence of the Holy Spirit ushers in, there is a sense something unusual is happening. That’s the stirring of God invading your being. Wait and enjoy the pleasures of God’s presence.

    • When you begin to wonder “what is this feeling,” that’s the Holy Spirit. When you begin to sense a change of thoughts that you weren’t thinking about, thoughts that are comforting, soothing, good, and pleasing, that’s God.

  • “It’s time.” Like the dream, there should be an overwhelming sense of contentment in your soul when “it’s time.”

    • God wants us to take things in stride rather than stress out about the unseen details in our lives? God has already built your bridge. Matthew 6:25--34

    • We can know with certainty when God says “it’s time.” I don’t find anywhere in the Bible where someone said, “I think God said.” It’s “God said.” I can’t risk life with an “I think God said,” mentality. Go when you know God has said to do so.

  • Invisible. Recognize when your confidence increased. Did your “piece of glass” appear when you read a verse? Were you able to take a second step when a friend encouraged you? The third step may have been in answer to your prayers that revealed the action you needed to take. Each step has prepared you to take another and another. Before you know it, a bridge has been formed.

  • Peace is how you can measure your trust in God.

    • Pray and read the Bible.

      • If you are doing these two things and the peace of God is fleeting, I recommend you extend your devotion time with God. More time with God is without question richer. Don’t leave your prayer closet until you have God’s peace that passes all understanding. Philippians 4:7

      • Ponder scripture throughout your day and night. Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Return to your prayer closet when doubts and uncertainties creep in. The longer you are away from giving your cares and concerns to the Lord, your peace and fearlessness  will begin to fade. The one absolute way to consistently and confidently trust God is to know him intimately.

At the end of the day the stress and demands of life may still be there, but we can live a life of peace and calm in a way this dream represents. The peace of God begins by basking in the soothing atmosphere of his presence and putting ourselves in a position to let him carry us to himself!

Thumbnail photo by Simone Hutsch on Unsplash

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