Cross of Steel Dream

Cross of Steel Dream

This is one of my favorite dreams of 2016. The interpretation is straight forward, with little need for interpretation. By time you finish reading the dream, I think it will become one of your favorites too. The message in this dream is a beautiful illustration what can happen when we are a praying believer and one who reads the Bible. Did you catch what I wrote? Praying believer. If you want to understand your God-dreams, you must know God, which means spending time praying and reading the Word. If you struggle making prayer and reading your Bible a priority, review some of my simple tips under Joys of Journaling. Don’t panic – you don’t have to journal if you don’t want to.

This dream illustrates what God birthed from an active, personal, and intimate relationship with Him.

Steel Plated Cross Dream

It was a calm, quiet evening, and there was no glow of the moon. There was a silence even though I wasn’t alone. I was in a river with my husband and a few friends. I recognized there was something lurking in the shadows. I looked up and there was a wire strung above us like a factory assembly line, with alligators hanging from the wire. As the alligators slid down the carrier, they dropped one-by-one into the river. There was a sudden sense of fear and panic among the group, yet, I had no instinct to panic or be concerned. I knew we would not be harmed.

When the alligators dropped into the water, two alligators tried to attack us. A third alligator lunged at me, ready to devour me. The alligator made a direct attack at the center of my heart. He struck with such force that when he slammed into my heart, a loud sound erupted and the alligator bounced off me, knocking him out. When I looked down at my chest I saw a steel-plated cross sealed and embedded in my flesh and over my heart. 

I looked over at my husband who made a gesture towards the alligators that were still dropping into the river. Sensing his fear, I turned to him and said, “there’s nothing to worry about. They can’t harm us.” End of dream.

Immediately upon waking up I knew the meaning of the dream.  

Interpretation and Prayer Strategies: 

  • Pray for Discernment: Unlike the others in the dream, I knew the enemy was lurking (Satan prowls around like a roaring lion). I Peter 5:8-9 and Psalm 119:125 
  • God’s protection: No matter what the enemy throws my way, I can stand firm and confident in Christ. Strategy to pray for God’s protection, covering, and peace, especially when I’m in the midst of an unpleasant circumstance or trial.
  • Steel-Plate Cross: I love this!!! What a beautiful picture of Gods promises of protection.  We must keep the Breastplate of Righteousness (Ephesians 6:14) on. What you don’t see in this illustration is how worship birthed this level of confidence. I’m working on my second book and I share in detail how God transformed what worship means and looks like for me. In the meantime, nothing can penetrate the Cross of Christ. 

Reminder: Without scripture and time in prayer, there is a danger to misinterpreting your God-dreams. 

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