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The Inner Critic

Recognize how much negative self-talk you subscribe to. The thoughts you remain fixed on can determine how you see yourself and others. When we see ourselves the way the enemy wants us to, we aren’t believing who God says we are and we are partnering with sin. In essence we are calling God a liar. insecurities, offenses, unforgiveness, or emotional wounds we carry around are not from God.

Healthy Diet With God

If you are anxious, worried, or still waiting to hear God’s voice, perhaps you’re living on “just enough” of God to get you through the day opposed to you don’t have enough of God to get you through the day. If you have a friendship with God, it’s time to stop those old established patterns of unhealthy, spiritual growth, and feast on the abundant presence of God.

Forgiveness vs. Healing

We are inundated with health information that can easily override what God wants to do when it comes to healing. We have the internet to search and self-diagnose every medication and disease known to man. ​Many times when an illness pops up, we tend to cope with ​it ​​instead of confronting ​it ​with confidence that Jesus will heal us. Does our confidence for healing rest mostly on God or doctors?

Fickle Faith

If God rewards us for our faith, then it would seem that in order for us to  receive the impossible that is promised in Luke, we have a responsibility to do something before we will be rewarded. Our faith is futile and our miracles are unfulfilled until we first believe and act on the instructions in Hebrews. Can something come into existence when we don’t please God?

I believe it is in pleasing God that turns our impossibilities into possibilities.

One Word Miracle

Many times we feel like we are standing at the Red Sea, waiting for God to part the waters. We don't know which way to go or what to do. After two weeks of painstaking efforts, I experienced a miracle in one word.


There was a time in elementary school when what could have been another dire situation, God swooped down and said, “no.” Who knows what the outcome might have been, but I don’t want to discredit that it was God who intervened in my life.

Are you lucky?

Do you catch yourself saying luck was on your side or bad fortune came your way? Perhaps it’s time to change your focus and quit “rolling the dice” to see where they may fall. Don’t subscribe to the worlds’ view there is good luck or that bad karma befell you.