SUBMERGED by Teresa Odden

Submerged Into the Presence of God

In my sophomore book, Submerged Into the Presence of God, I share God’s personal words to me as well as the unexpected and glorious encounters during my times in prayer, reading the Word, and through worship. God transformed me and continues to transform me into his likeness and in this process is where I learned what it means to be submerged into the beautiful, supernatural presence of God.  

Submerged Into the Presence of God is available in paperback on Amazon Prime, Barnes & Noble, or it can be ordered directly from your local bookstores. It is also available as a downloadable E-book for Kindle, Nook, or iTunes devices. If you live internationally and can't purchase the book through Amazon, visit your local bookstore and ask if they can order Submerged Into the Presence of God.


Beautiful Dreamer: Dreams - God's Personal Navigation System

There is beauty in your dreams. Have you ever wondered if God speaks to you through your dreams? Do you ask whether your dreams are significant for your life? Beautiful Dreamer is an important book for anyone who has ever sought for an answer to these questions. This book will help you see that God is not limited in his tools of communication.