All in Dreams

Bridge Dream

When my confidence is in God, I don’t have to dread and feel as though I’m falling into a dark, endless chasm. There is an extraordinary peace and confidence in God when I look to see the beauty of his character in a new light each day. It’s where I discover and believe the light of God’s love will take me to the safest place. “To himself.”

Russia Dream

Put into practice thinking and praising God for the best, not the worst. "It is God alone who judges; he decides who will rise and who will fall." Psalm 75:7

Recurring Dreams

God's word tells us what it means when we have recurring dreams or dreams with a similar message. "As for having two similar dreams, it means that these events have been decreed by God, and he will soon make them happen.

Fearless and Brave Dream

When an actor plays out a scene they follow the directors orders. This dream is like a group of actors who took the script from the Word of God and highlight how we can approach our fears and weaknesses.

The Lion Dream

One of the first references I read the morning I woke up from this dream was how the Lord of the universe cannot be controlled by human hands. God gave me a glimpse of the beauty of His character and that we are to enjoy God.