Fearless and Brave Dream

When an actor plays out a scene they follow the directors orders. This dream is like a group of actors who took the script from the Word of God and highlight how we can approach our fears and weaknesses.

Worshiping To Hear God's Voice

God guides and teaches us how to press in and “feel His heartbeat” and hear His gentle voice. I find that to enter into His presence and hear Him with clarity includes what the monk, Brother Lawrence called, “practicing the presence of God.” 

Listen for God's Voice

If you are lacking faith or have struggled trusting God fully, I encourage you to do your own search in the Bible of God’s concrete promises. Whether God speaks, we can be certain when He says “I will,” that He will.

The Lion Dream

One of the first references I read the morning I woke up from this dream was how the Lord of the universe cannot be controlled by human hands. God gave me a glimpse of the beauty of His character and that we are to enjoy God. 

Cindy's Vision of Rest

God doesn’t need to speak to be heard. He can speak in the silence, and He did. I didn’t have to see the vision for myself to behold how God had given Cindy a glimpse of His beauty and majesty.