Bridge Dream

When my confidence is in God, I don’t have to dread and feel as though I’m falling into a dark, endless chasm. There is an extraordinary peace and confidence in God when I look to see the beauty of his character in a new light each day. It’s where I discover and believe the light of God’s love will take me to the safest place. “To himself.”

Fickle Faith

If God rewards us for our faith, then it would seem that in order for us to  receive the impossible that is promised in Luke, we have a responsibility to do something before we will be rewarded. Our faith is futile and our miracles are unfulfilled until we first believe and act on the instructions in Hebrews. Can something come into existence when we don’t please God?

I believe it is in pleasing God that turns our impossibilities into possibilities.

One Word Miracle

Many times we feel like we are standing at the Red Sea, waiting for God to part the waters. We don't know which way to go or what to do. After two weeks of painstaking efforts, I experienced a miracle in one word.

Super Powers Dream

The day will come when good vs. evil will come to end. For now, there is no shortage to how the enemy attacks us and most often his attacks are directed to our minds. He wants us to think like him.


There was a time in elementary school when what could have been another dire situation, God swooped down and said, “no.” Who knows what the outcome might have been, but I don’t want to discredit that it was God who intervened in my life.

Are you lucky?

Do you catch yourself saying luck was on your side or bad fortune came your way? Perhaps it’s time to change your focus and quit “rolling the dice” to see where they may fall. Don’t subscribe to the worlds’ view there is good luck or that bad karma befell you.

Minimalism and God

A healthy lifestyle is one who knows that God is life itself (I John 1:2). Our quest for happiness in life comes from trusting God to guide our footsteps, not from the things we own, or don't own.

Door Burst Open Vision

I encourage you to not put up barriers how to hear God. One way we put up barriers is when we are immediately turned off when we hear words that God speaks through visions, dreams, or prophetic words.